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Learning another language doesn't have to be hard. Learn languages online in a fun and effective way, using the programs designed by Dr. Pimsleur himself. About the Company Custom-Made Contact Us Privacy Policy. Copyright 2015 Findaway. All rights reserved. 31999 Aurora Rd. Solon, OH 44139 1.877.893.0808. Pimsleur Method - Learn to quickly and efficiently speak and understand a new language with Pimsleur language Program. Download immediately or stream on your smartphone. Learn Brazilian Portuguese step-by-step with video stories. Our course will teach you everything you need speak the language as it's actually spoken. There Do you have questions about the language learning process? Read our FAQ section for more info on Pimsleur language programs. In the recent survey about the “best” courses, Pimsleur came out on top, both among the best and the worst. Despite almost a decade of learning. This review goes into depth to cover the content and effectiveness of Pimsleur, one of the longest and most well-established household names in language. Reviews of Portuguese language resources and tips and tricks for learning Portuguese. Why and how to learn french and learning tips for people who want to learn on their.